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Aims and Objectives

The Centre provides Day Care Facilities for older people who would benefit from this service who are living in the Community. We promote the ethos of integration as opposed to categorisation for older people experiencing the following.


                       * Social Isolation

                       * Mental Health Challenges

                       * Physical Health Challenges

                       * Restricted Mobility Challenges

                       * Inappropriate Accommodation Challenges


The Centre is open Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 4pm, providing both permanent and temporary long and short-term placements.


The Deirdre Knight Centre Committee aims to improve the quality  of life of those members who attend. We aim also, to improve the quality of life for those who care for them. We shall achieve this with a suitably qualified staff team who have on-going training, appraisal and supervision within their individual roles.


We aim to make each visit to the centre an enjoyable experience and the next visit something to look forward to. In this way we aim to improve the well being of our members, both mentally and physically.


The Committee recognises the members' needs for choice, independence, dignity, and recognition in a safe and secure environment where they are encouraged to express their views and exercise their rights as an equal. Our staff team will meet these needs in supportive and friendly surroundings so far as they are able to. Every member will be appreciated as an individual with their privacy and confidentiality respected and maintained at all times.


It is our ultimate aim to provide a high standard quality service to older people in the community which we are a part of. We shall continue to achieve this by promoting, encouraging and supporting close working relationships with our colleagues from the multi disciplinary team. We also provide information packages written in plain English delivering advice and information to prospective members and their representatives giving an overview of the day care experience.



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