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Staff at the Centre consists of a Manager, Kathleen Fotheringham, Deputy Manager, Fiona Clark, Senior Social Care Officer, Lesley Cameron, Senior Social Care Officer Karen Kelly and 2 Social Care Officers. Additional support is supplied via a part-time Admin Administrator, Bus Driver, Handyman, Kitchen Assistant and Cleaner. Bank staff are used to cover planned holidays and are available at short notice in the event of sickness absence.

Kathleen Fotheringham


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Fiona Clark

Deputy Manager

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The Management Committee

The Management Committee is representative of the community it services. It comprises a mixture of professional and business people, ordinary members of the community, retired and working people. Where areas are under-represented such as might occur where there are ethnic minority groups, attempts would be made to recruit committee members from these groups.


Members who attend the Centre are invited to send representatives to meetings. Members of staff also attend meetings but may be asked to leave when matters pertaining to staff, such as salary increases, are being discussed.


Annual General Meetings are open to the public.


The Centre Manager sees to the day to day running of the Centre with the assistance and support of the chairperson. The Administrative Assistant sees to the day to day finances with the Assistance of the manager and accountants.


Other committee members provide assistance as required.



Lesley Cameron

Senior Social Care Officer