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At Deirdre Knight Centre, we strive to alleviate the effects of social isolation and loneliness by providing opportunities for social interaction in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.


Social isolation and loneliness are challenges faced by many groups.  At Deirdre Knight, we support adults and older people who are affected by a degree of physical or mental disability and are experiencing social isolation.  Deirdre Knight aims to promote  independence, privacy, choice, dignity and safety, to support the people who use our services to be part of the wider community.

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Day Service provides day care for adults / older people. It offers a homely therapeutic environment. Deirdre Knight Centre aim to help and support our members to be part of their wider community.


Whilst at Deirdre Knight Centre we aim to promote:

· Independence

· Dignity

· Privacy

· Choice

· Safety

· Motivation

 Our objectives are:

· To promote social stimulation

· To Prevent isolation

· To promote and sustain daily living skills

· To contribute to rehabilitation

· To work alongside other health professionals to promote independent living in the community

· To provide respite for carer's

· Engagement with healthy living initiatives.

Deirdre Knight caters for up to 25 service users a day and is run by a team of staff and volunteers. Our centre is open Monday to Friday.

Deirdre Knight is a large single one level building and has access for less able people and wheelchair users. All areas are suitable for service users who require to use a wheelchair. The main hall caters for service users’ lunches and where most of our activities take place. Our small lounge is used for our quieter activities.

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