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Welcome to the Deirdre Knight Centre

The Centre provides day care facilities for people who would benefit from this service who are living in our community. We aim to make each visit to the centre an enjoyable experience and the next visit something to look forward to.

Through this approach, we enhance the mental and physical well-being of our members.

We promote the ethos of integration as opposed to categorisation for individuals experiencing the following:

  • Social Isolation
  • Mental Health Challenges
  • Physical Health Challenges
  • Restricted Mobility Challenges
  • Inappropriate Accommodation Challenges
  • Restricted Mobility Challenges

A peaceful location

The Centre is located on the Lour Road behind Beech Hill House, a local authority residential home.

In addition to the rooms within the Centre, we have a small garden to the side of the building which looks onto the grounds of Beech Hill House. We also have an enclosed patio area to the rear of the centre where we have BBQs etc during the summer months.

The gardens are very tranquil and wildlife friendly, squirells, rabbits, pheasants and various species of wild birds are encouraged to visit, members regularly help to fill the various feeding stations dotted about the gardens.

Opening hours

Monday8.30am - 4pm
Tuesday8.30am - 4pm
Wednesday8.30am - 4pm
Thursday8.30am - 4pm
Friday8.30am - 4pm


Lour Road

Respite Care

The Deirdre Knight Centre provides an essential respite care option for carers in the Forfar community.

Respite care can be incredibly beneficial, as it allows primary caregivers the opportunity to take a break, focus on their own health and well-being, and attend to personal matters. 


The Centre encourages an open door policy for visitors.

However where possible visiting between 12pm – 1pm will be discouraged, this is to allow members to enjoy their lunch without unnecessary interruption.

Meals and mealtimes

We consider it very important for members to enjoy their meals, not only from the point of view of having a wholesome and nourishing diet, but also with regard to socialising with other members during their meals and snacks. All members are served a varied two course lunch daily, hot and cold drinks are available throughout the day with a snack provided in mid afternoon.

Special dietary needs can be catered for on request by members.

Personal Care 

We assist with personal care needs and have a bath and shower available at the Centre. We focus on rehabilitation and building the confidence of our members.

Older woman drinking a cup of tea and smiling

How to join

It’s easy to become a member of The Deirdre Knight Centre.

You can become a member privately or be referred via Social Services, the first step is to complete our online enquiry form.

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