Activities & amenities

Quiet Room

This room is equipped with a hospital style adjustable bed which can be used if any of our members feel the need to rest for a short time. Anyone partaking of this facility is regularly monitored.

The facility also provides a private environment on the occasions when a client is visited by their GP, Podiatrist, District Nurse, Dentist, Optician or Care Managers.

Small Lounge

This small lounge is used for small group and therapeutic activities or if individuals do not wish to join in the organised activities or entertainment on offer at the time.

Constant monitoring is regularly carried out whilst this room is occupied.

Older woman drinking a cup of tea and smiling

How to join

It’s easy to become a member of The Deirdre Knight Centre.

You can become a member privately or be referred via Social Services, the first step is to complete our online enquiry form.

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