Join the Centre

There are two routes to membership of The Deirdre Knight Centre. We’ve outlined the steps you need to follow for each route below. If you get stuck, or have any other questions, please give us a call on 01307 468314.

Via a social work assessment

1. Call your local social work department:

  Forfar: 01307 492560

2. Ask to speak to duty social worker.

3. Ask about being referred to the Centre.

4. A social worker will then assess your needs, if they decide the Deirdre Knight Centre would help they’ll let us know.

5. You will be invited to visit the centre for an informal chat.

6. You can then have a trial day at the centre.

7. If you like it, we will arrange for you to attend on a regular basis.

8. Angus Council will send you a monthly bill if you have to contribute to the cost of attending.

Via private arrangement

1. Contact the Centre by completing the form below or calling on 01307 468314 and asking to speak to the manager or deputy manager.

2. You will be invited in for an informal chat.

3. At the chat we will discuss your needs and costs.

4. If interested, you can have a trial day at the Centre.

5. If you like it, we will arrange for you to attend on a regular basis.

6. Once membership begins, you will receive a monthly bill from the Centre.

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