We offer a large and varied range of activities either as group or single person activities. All members are encouraged to participate in both styles of activities. Group activities can be quite stimulating for all involved.                     

                              Examples of activities on offer are explained in more detail below. 

              Group Activities






             Therapeutic Activities

                Board Games

                Nintendo Wii 


Entertainment is provided by local musicians etc. members are encouraged to join in the activity by singing along or dancing, some have even been tempted to try out a hula hoop!!

health fair 026
health fair 026


Dance Demonstration
Dance Demonstration

health fair 026
health fair 026



A laptop computer and I-Pad with internet access is available for members to use if they wish to keep in touch with distant relatives or just play games

                   All our Yesterdays

Staff regularly host a session where members examine items and photos from the past and discuss their different memories. Comments like "I remember those",  "I used to have one of them", can often be heard between bouts of laughter from this group.

                           Arts & Crafts

 This activity is well supported by the staff and members alike. Many of the items made are either sold and the proceeds donated to the comfort fund or donated to local or national charities. The activities below are extremely popular although members do often ask for others to be included. i.e. Easter eggs, Pumpkin lanterns at haloween, Posters and decorations for special occasions



                             Card Making


                           Indoor Gardening

                                           Bus Trips

When weather permits during the summer we use both our buses to take members for short trips in the surrounding area usually stopping somewhere for tea or ice cream. We support the local Donkey Sanctuary and trips here are particularly popular